Saturday, 29 September 2012

Canvas Project

Well while I was on a roll of trying out new things I decided to have a go at a canvas that I had got at the bottom of a craft drawer that I had purchased months ago.

My favourite crafty colour at the time is pinks and purples so decided that would be the base colour for the canvas so took about distress inking the whole canvas with 'spun sugar' and then used a corner flower mask and the 'aged mahogany' distress ink over the mask and in the centre to leave the pattern showing in the 'spun sugar' shade.

Then die cut two scalloped edged squares of different sizes in a pink and silver shiny rose paper. Stamped a 'Lily of the Valley' image on white card and coloured with Promarker and then backed on black card. Placed the papers at angles and then added the image on the top with the imaged butterflies flying above the image as though flying away.

The canvas was beginning to take shape but I did feel that it still needed something. So i dug feep into my craft stash and found the gold butterflies and added them where felt the gaps were. At this point I thought I was done.

Oh how wrong I was. Decided the bottom of the image needed something so added a mixture of colours of paper flowers to compliment the background colour.
Surely I was finished now................
Well left it over night and went back to look at it and still wasn't happy so decided to add a little sparke to the canvas and to leave a trail from each butterfly. Decided on 'silver glitter stickles' for the blue butterflies trail and 'gold glitter stickles' for the gold butterflies.
Now it is finished..................................................
Well the day after, came in from work and was looking at the canvas and thought to myself that it was still missing something especially around the corners. So after some long thought and worry about spoiling what I had already created I took my 'burgundy glitter stickles' and made small dots in the centres of the flowers in each corner of the canvas.
Took a step back and HOORAY happy and finished xx
Just goes to show that even when you think you are finished you never can tell and don't be afraid of adding to something you have made.
Bye for now xx

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